Does Felix have special powers?

Felix is first and foremost an entertainer who amuses and arouses his audience's own innate and hidden intuitive abilities. Felix is not a psychic medium or gypsy fortune-teller and possesses no supernatural powers. He uses psychological and intuitional tools to guide you in realizing the potential of your own mind.

Tell me something I don't know about Felix

Felix was drawn to magic when he was about 10 or 11 years old. An avid comic-book collector, Felix couldn't help but notice the ads for mail-order magic tricks. He sent away for finger-choppers, coin-vanishers and color-changing silks and put on garage magic shows for friends and neighbors. Over the years, Felix practiced and performed while working in theaters across the country (and in Canada too). Gradually, he shifted from sleights-of-hand to focus entirely on sleights-of-mind. In 2015, Felix became a Magician Member of the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he is a frequent performer.

How many people will Felix perform for?

No audience is too small or too large, whether it be at an intimate dinner party, a wedding, or a company's sales meeting or other big event. Felix's fully interactive program can be shaped and adapted to suit your needs, no matter how many guests are attending.

How much does Felix charge?

Fees are determined by a number of factors: the number of people at the event, location, travel requirements and the type of show you want him to perform. To receive a quote, please fill out the information form or email him directly. For a large party or event, fees are based on a per person basis, but to get an accurate estimate, please call Felix first at (310) 663-8188.

Does Felix perform for children's parties?

Kids are certainly a lot more sophisticated today than when Felix was performing in his garage! But Felix's program is intended for adults, although children 12 and older would enjoy him too. If you're looking for a party for younger children, there are plenty of other magicians who specialize in kids' events.

Does Felix require a contract?

Yes. Felix will provide you with a letter agreement that fully outlines all terms and conditions for your event.

Does Felix require a deposit?

Yes. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due when you and Felix co-sign the letter agreement. The balance will be due on the day/night of the event.

Will Felix travel?

Definitely! All arrangements (airfare and hotel) for traveling to your location will be worked out between you and Felix and included in the letter agreement that Felix will provide you.

Does Felix have insurance, and can he provide a W9?

Yes, Felix has performers insurance for $1,000,000 for each occurrence and a $5,000,000 aggregate. Upon request he will provide a copy of the insurance certificate and, if needed, will include your company as an additional insured. Yes, Felix can provide you with a W9 upon request.

I have a last-minute emergency! How do I reach Felix right now?

Call Felix at (310) 663-8188! Or email him at But calling is faster!