Looking for new party ideas?


Felix will perform a live in-person show in the 

Los Angeles area for a birthday party, girls-night-out, holiday party, club meeting, special celebration, corporate meeting, or any other special public or private event.


Felix invites you and your guests to be part of the magic show!


It's comedy, it's magic, it's mind-reading, it's guaranteed fun! 


Because no two events are the same, Felix customizes a show specifically for you, your guests, and the occasion.


You can choose walk-around (or strolling) magic, a 30 to 45-minute stage (or parlor-style) show, or a magic combo of both.

strolling magic

Felix mingles with your guests for a prescribed period of time and dazzles them with close-up card effects, impossible predictions,  and psychic intuition.

Strolling magic is a great option for cocktail hours, parties, weddings, and corporate events when a little ice-breaking is needed to get conversation and networking flowing.

full-length mAGIC show

Felix performs a full-length magic show for you and your guests. It's a hilarious, fast-paced mix of magic, mentalism, and illusions.


Felix invites participation from everyone -- think of it as a cocktail party! -- so the magic show is perfect for holidays, birthdays, weddings, large-scale events, meetings, conferences, and gala dinners. 


Felix can perform just about anywhere, from a large stage to a restaurant to an intimate living room.

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Another fun option for an office event or home party is a combination of walk-around magic and a show. Felix will perform walk-around magic for an hour (or however long you would like) and then put on an interactive 30- to 45-minute show. This magic combination is a full night of sophisticated entertainment that you and your guests will remember.


Another fun option for any event or home party is the

magic combo.

Felix will perform strolling and a magic show for a full evening of sophisticated entertainment that you and your guests will remember!